We Accept Insurance

"Normal" is different for everyone

Good mental health can be a challenge for some of us. That might be for a short while or it could be a lifetime’s journey.
Facing life after lockdown opens up all kinds of extra emotions. We may feel anxious when others appear excited; sad when others seem glad.
Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to support you in improving your mental health.

Insurance helps put you back in control

Our mental health support provides ongoing, around-the-clock support for a wealth of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Getting the right help is important, that’s why we offer access to counselling and psychotherapy through different insurance companies.

We all have mental health − so Lot 36 takes it seriously

If you have health insurance, you’ll have support for almost every mental health condition there is.

We accept Insurance from:

Vitality Health

Cigna UK