About Us

Supporting clients since 2016

We understand that life can be challenging sometimes. With its setbacks, traumas, failings and tragedies our life experiences can impact us in several ways.

Counselling provides a safe and confidential place where our lived experiences can be explored to provide greater understanding and insight into who we are as individuals.

True strength is not just determined by one’s ability to win or succeed but rather the capacity to persevere through hardships. Knowing that difficult periods or disappointments in life are finite but hope is infinite, will empower one towards their therapy goals.

Lot 36 Agency provides a safe space to build a warm, non-judgemental, supportive and emphatic therapeutic relationship. We believe our clients are the masters of their own lives and have within them the power to overcome what brought them into counselling.

Our qualified therapists and trainee counsellors draw on their training, experience, skills and techniques to work collaboratively with you to get to the underlining root of the issue to bring about clarity, healing and change. Our counselling sessions will allow you to understand yourself and your personal experiences to help bring self-awareness of your thoughts, actions and emotions.

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